Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School Governing Body

Ofsted May 2018 reported that:

"Governors have a clear understanding of the priorities for improvement and offer good support and challenge to leaders. They visit the school often and know it well."


 What does the Governing Body do?

The role of the Governing Body is not to manage the school on a day-to-day basis – that responsibility belongs with the Head Teacher.

The Governing Body takes a more strategic view. This includes setting up a strategic framework for the school, setting its aims and objectives, setting policies and targets for achieving the objectives, reviewing progress and reviewing the strategic framework in the light of progress. They work closely with the Head Teacher, and act as a “critical friend”, providing advice and support, but also constructive challenge to the school as necessary.

The various types of Governor are described here, and we also have a list of current Governors and their terms of office.

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, this can be done via the school office - please call (01603 759656) or email the school office ( and ask for the contact details of the Chair of Governors.  Letters for the Governing Body can be brought in to the school office and will be passed on to the Chair of Governors.

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please come and speak to either Mrs Benson (headteacher) or speak to one of Governors.  Mrs Folkard is a parents Governor and the new Chair of Governors, she is usually on the playground at the start and end of the school day.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss being a school governor with you.

Governing Body meetings

Full meetings of the Governing Body are held approximately half-termly.

More detailed discussions are held in sub-committees that generally meet prior to the full meetings.

There are two sub-committees;  we have a Resources Committee and a School Improvement & Development Committee (SIDC).  The work of the Pay and Policies Committee is distributed across the other committees.

Types of Governor

The Governing Body consists of both elected and appointed Governors. These positions are described below. A list of the current Governors is below.

Irrespective of how they became Governors, all members of the Governing Body work in the best interests of the school.


Foundation Governor

Foundation governors are appointed to ensure that the school’s character (including religious character) is preserved and developed.

The Bishop of Norwich appoints one foundation governor. The Norwich Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) appoints three foundation governors and three foundation governors are appointed by the Parochial Parish Council (PCC) of Barnham Broom SS Peter and Paul with Bickerston St Andrew.

In Voluntary Aided (VA) schools, there will always be a majority of foundation governors.

Parent Governors

Our constitution requires two Parent Governors and these are nominated and elected when vacancies arise.

Parent Governors are parents or carers of children enrolled at the school at the time of their appointment. Should their child(ren) leave Barnham Broom School during their term of office, they may continue on the Governing Body until the end of their four-year term. Vacancies for Parent Governors must be notified to all parents and nominations requested. A ballot of all parents is held if there are more nominations than posts available. The retiring Parent Governor(s) can stand for re-election if they still have a child at the school, but not otherwise.

Staff Governors

Our constitution limits the number of elected Staff Governors to one member. The Headteacher takes a further Governor position.

Local Authority Governor

There is one governor position for a Local Authority nomination in order to maintain liaison with the authority and maintained schools in the area.

Governor’s Details

Governor’s Name

Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Appointed By

Stephanie Fairman

1st February 2016

31st January 2020

Foundation (Diocese)

Penny Folkard

21st May 2014

20th May 2018

Foundation (PCC)

David Goddard

7th October 2015

6th October 2019

Foundation (PCC)

Rev Tim Weatherstone

15th February 2017

14th February 2021

Foundation (Bishop)

Yvonne Hornby

19th September 2015

18th September 2019

Foundation (Diocese)




Foundation (PCC)

Jane Burns

16th July 2017 

16th July 2021 

Foundation (Diocese)

Joy Smiley   

5th July 2018

 4th July 2022

Local Authority

Heather Benson

September 2012



Yasmeen Wakeman

7th June 2017

7th June 2021


Tamsin Tebbutt

8th February 2018

8th February 2022

Angela Harris13th July 201812 July 2022Parent

2018 - 19 Governors roles and responsibilities:

 Full Governing Body Resources Committee
School Improvement and Development Committee
Chair: Mrs P Folkard
Vice Chair: Rev T Weatherstone
Chair: Mr D Goddard

Chair: Mrs P Folkard
Mrs Heather Benson
Mrs Stephanie Fairman
Mr David Goddard
Mrs Jane Burns
Mrs Tamsin Tebbutt
Mrs Angela Harris
Mrs Joy Smiley
Mrs Yasmeen Wakeman

Mrs Heather Benson
Rev Tim Weatherstone
Mrs Tamsin Tebbutt
Mrs Jane Burns

Mrs Heather Benson
Mrs S Fairman

Mrs Joy Smiley
Mrs Angela Harris

Minutes of the Full Governing Body are available on request, please ask at the school office.

Governor’s Achievement Award 

The Governor Achievement Award is presented at the end of the Summer Term in recognition of the pupil's fantastic achievements. The Governors are always amazed by the wonderful things that the children do and this award is a chance to celebrate those who have ‘Reached for the Stars’.

Each class teacher nominates the child whom they believe deserves to win this award. This is done anonymously so as to not affect the Governor’s decision. The Governors have set the teachers criteria for them to base their nomination on.

The criteria includes the following:

·         Consistent good effort in schoolwork. 

·         Enthusiastic about their work and school life. 

·         Respectful. 

·         Friendly and thoughtful towards others. 

·         Responsible. 

·         Helpful. 

·         Polite and considerate.

This list is not exhaustive and staff are welcome to add other reasons.

The Governors select one pupil from Key Stage 1 & one from Key Stage 2 based on the teacher’s submissions. The selected pupils are the children the governors feel have gone above and beyond in their daily school life and have Reached for the Stars in all possible ways.

Well done to all of our winners!

The Governance Statement

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School

September 2018

In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School Governing Body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School was re-constituted in February 2015 and is now made up of 2 staff governors (including the Headteacher), 2 elected Parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor and 7 Foundation governors. Foundation governors are appointed to ensure that the school’s character (including religious character) is preserved and developed. The Bishop of Norwich appoints one foundation governor. The Norwich Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) appoints three foundation governors and three foundation governors are appointed by the Parochial Parish Council (PCC) of Barnham Broom SS Peter and Paul with Bickerston St Andrew.  In Voluntary Aided (VA) schools, there will always be a majority of foundation governors.

The full Governing Body meets once each half term, and we also have a number of committees to consider different aspects of the school in detail. At Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School we have a Resources Committee, which focuses on finance, premises and some personnel matters; a School Improvement & Development Committee, and a Pay and Policies Committee.

See school website for a full list of Governors and their roles and responsibilities.

Attendance record of governors

Governors have good attendance at meetings See school website for details of individual governors’ attendance at meetings.

The work that we have done on our committees and in the governing body

The Governing Body has had a particularly busy year, focusing on

  • School improvement

  • Recruitment of staff

  • Ensuring value for money

  • Strengthening links with teaching staff

  • Refurbishment within school and building of a new disabled toilet

The School Improvement & Development Committee (SIDC) has spent time considering the impact of the School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP), the more focused half term ‘Rapid Improvement Plans’ to evaluate the main priorities and progress made as well as the cost implications.  The committee discussed key data including the results of pupil achievement and progress across the school each term to monitor and evaluate progress. The committee was kept informed and up to date with key groups and the progress these were making.  Using both internal and externally provided data for the results from the end of Key Stage assessments, (EYFS, KS1 and KS2) the SIDC evaluated the outcomes for children and have ensured that the priorities have fed into the SIDP. This helps us ensure that the school is on track to fulfil its ambitious targets for all pupils. We also focus on our “vulnerable groups” of children in particular how the Pupil Premium Grant is being spent by the school and what impact this has on their outcomes.

The SIDC reviews policies pertaining to the curriculum,  safeguarding, SEN, pupil wellbeing, admissions, complaints, health and safety and equality

The Resources Committee looks at the maintenance and development of the school premises, and makes decisions about how the school should use the budget.  Towards the end of the Spring term, the Resources Committee approved the 2018/19 budget plan for the school and we can report that the school is in a tight but stable position financially despite all the recent government cuts and changes within school budget regarding pay, pensions and SEN.

The Resources Committee has reviewed the policies pertaining to Pay, HR, GDPR,

In total we have over 50 documents to analyse. Governors have an active interest in ensuring our pupils remain safe and, in light of all the recent legislation, have adopted a new school Safeguarding policy following the issue of the 2018 Keeping Children Safe in Education and other related safeguarding documents. Our Health and Safety Governor carries out an annual check and risk assessment of the premises with the school’s site manager.

Minutes of Governing Body and Committee meetings are public documents – you can ask at the school office if you would like to see any of the minutes of our meetings.

Future plans for the governors

The Governing Body, along with the staff team, will be focussing on the following over the next academic year -

  • Improving English throughout the school

  • Continuing the work to comply with legislation changes on Data Protection and preparing for the changes to Relationships & Sex Education

  • Evaluating and improving pupil progress.

  • SIAMs

How you can contact the governing body

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please contact the Chair of Governors, via the school office. You can see the full list of governors; their attendance at meetings; minutes of governing body meetings and more information about what we do, on the Governor’s page of the school website.

Barnham Broom C of E VA Primary School

Governors’ Attendance Record for 2016-2017


Full Governing Body

(6 meetings)

Resources Committee

(3 meetings)

Pay & Policies

(5 meetings)


(6 meetings)

Heather Benson





Sian Cosham





Steph Fairman


100% (1 meeting*)



Penny Folkard





David Goddard





Simon Hill





Yvonne Hornby





Julie Parrott





Rob Walker





Tim Weatherstone


100% (2 meetings*)

100% (1 meeting *)


*   change of committee members

Heather Benson,
21 Mar 2019, 10:17