The Junior section of the school is made up of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, which is called Key Stage Two (KS2).

These year groups are arranged in mixed-age classes across the Key Stage:

Class 3 (all of Y3 and some of Y4) Class 4 (the rest of Y4 and some of Y5) Class 5 (the rest of Y5 and all of Y6)

The children are taught a rolling curriculum which is carefully planned under topic umbrellas and incorporates all of the learning objectives from the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum for Mathematics, English and Science at KS2 has objectives for each year group. The other subjects have objectives that cover the whole Key Stage and are not necessarily year group specific.

As we have three classes for four year groups, a child with us throughout Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 will spend two years in one of the KS2 classes. The two-year rolling curriculum ensures that the children do not repeat learning/topics as they progress through the school, regardless of which class they spend two years in. Children will be taught the objectives and skills in accordance with their year group and activities will be differentiated according to the needs of the children regardless of the class they are in.

The KS2 team work closely together to ensure consistency and continuity throughout the Junior part of the school and work closely with the KS1 team to ensure a good transition from KS1.

Please go into the individual class pages to find out more.