The Staff

We believe that the safety and wellbeing of our children is paramount. Therefore all staff, volunteers and governors are fully DBS checked.

Teaching Staff

 Staff Member RoleClass / base Teaching daysLeadership 
 Mrs H Benson  Headteacher   SLT, PSHE
 Mrs S Edmonds Class teacher
1 (YR) M, T, WEYFS, Writing
 Mrs C SingletonClass teacher1 (YR) Th, FForest Schools
 Mrs H Sivyer Class teacher
2 (Y1/Y2) M, T, WSENDCO
 Mrs Y WakemanClass teacher
 2 (Y1/Y2) Th, FPhonics
 Mrs A HedgesClass teacher3 (Y3/Y4) M, T, W Th, FCollective Worship RE
 Miss H BaconClass teacher 4 (Y4/Y5) M, T, W Th, FSchool Council
 Mrs J Parrott Class teacher 5 (Y6)  M, T, W Th, FMaths 
 Mrs C O'GradyHigher Level Teaching Assistant  PE

Support Staff

Mrs S Hales                     School Business Manager
Mrs B Long                      Secretarial Assistant
Mrs H Lansdale-Brown     Clerical Assistant
Teaching Assistants
Mrs A-M Baldry                 Teaching Assistant P/T (HLTA)
Mrs C Roberts                    Teaching Assistant P/T                
Mrs Y Hornby                   Teaching Assistant F/T
Mrs H Lansdale-Brown      Teaching Assistant P/T
Mr J. Smee                       Teaching Assistant F/T
Ms M Simpson                   Teaching Assistant P/T
Mr W Tooms                     Classroom Assistant P/T
Mr P Davis                        Classroom Assistant P/T
The Den Staff
Mrs J Pritchard                 Manager
Mrs S Hillman                   Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C O'Grady                   Supervisory Assistant
Ms M Simpson                   Supervisory Assistant

Lunchtime Staff
Mr W Tooms                      Play leader F/T
Mrs T Balls                        Midday Supervisor P/T
Mrs J Burns                        Midday Supervisor P/T
Mrs C Roberts                     Midday Supervisor P/T
Mrs C O'Grady                   Midday Supervisor P/T
Mrs H Lansdale-Brown        Midday Supervisor P/T
Mr Davis                            Midday Supervisor P/T
Mrs A Baldry                       Midday Supervisor P/T
Ms M Simpson                    Midday Supervisor P/T
Mr J Smee                         Midday Supervisor P/T

Mrs L Harris                      Cook Manager 
Miss T Clarke               Kitchen Assistant

Caretaking / Cleaning Staff
Mr W Land-Brown             Caretaker
Mrs A Brown                     Cleaning Staff
Mrs T Balls                       Cleaning Staff

We are very grateful to have a fantastic team of parents and other volunteers who support us by working with pupils on various activities including supporting reading activities within school.