SAW Welborne Festival

Year 5 and 6 are taking part in the SAW project. This is all about SCIENCE, ART and WRITING. We will be at the Welborne Festival presenting what we have done.
Before half-term, we had an amazing day finding out all about coastal erosion.
First, we worked with scientist Trevor Tolhurst to investigate what causes coastal erosion and what can be done about it.
We used made model sand dunes and we used microscopes to look at mud and the creatures that live in it. We mixed up slime that can be used to help prevent coastal erosion.

                   After break, we worked with author Molly Naylor. She inspired us to write brilliant poems about coastal erosion. At the end of the session, we read our poems to each other. 

In the afternoon, we met Liz McGowan, an artist, who is going to help us create some art for the Welborne Festival. She talked to us about her work and then we tried out painting with clay, sand and mud.

Our finished piece of work was AMAZING. 

We went to the Welborne site and worked with Liz to set up our artwork of enormous waves eroding the cliffs. Whilst we were there, we also did some sketching in the churchyard and enjoyed a circus workshop.

Some of us went along to the Welborne Festival and talked to visitors about our artwork and about what we had learnt about coastal erosion. We had a great time and felt proud to show off our hard work.
Thank you to everyone from SAW and the Welborne festival for a fascinating project.