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Parent Support

The Wymondham Cluster of Schools has a Pastoral Care Manager - Tina Bell.  
Tina used to be our Parent Support Adviser (PSA). However, her role has evolved and grown to become the Pastoral Care Manager for the cluster.  Tina maintains her vital role supporting parents and families.  

Schools, parents and other professionals can refer to Tina and this can be for advice, guidance or longer term support. Her aim is to help you deal with any worries or concerns happening within your family and/or at school. The service is confidential.

Tina can be contacted on 07595 221240 or 01953 609783

Tina runs a rolling programme of Parent support groups FREE for Wymondham families. These are all listed on the events page of the Wymondham cluster website  with attached leaflets and booking facility, or ask at school for an information leaflet.

Tina can help by…

§  Getting the most out of school life by helping parents and children to join in the various activities of the school & in the community.


§  Helping you and your child when they are starting or moving between schools.


§  Supporting you when you meet with teachers or other professionals.

§  Identifying specialist services and other agencies available to help with family difficulties (eg. separation and divorce, bereavement, financial concerns, housing etc)


§  Supporting and developing strategies to deal with behavioural issues at home and in school.


§  Offering a range of parenting groups across the cluster …


§  Helping where attendance, lateness or exclusions may be a concern.


§  Helping parents understand how and what their child learns and supporting with homework.


§  Supporting emerging social and emotional issues.

For further information on what is on offer, please see the information sheets below or go to the Wymondham Cluster website where you can find booking information.

Parent Support Groups:

Solihul approach









10 sessions

Week 1 – The Solihul approach – Understanding your child’s behaviour…

Week 2 – How are you and your child feeling?

Week 3 – Tuning into your child’s developmental needs

Week 4 - Responding to your child’s feelings

Week 5 – Different styles of parenting

Week 6 – Parent-child relationship – having fun together

Week 7 – The rhythm of interaction and sleep

Week 8 – Self regulation and anger

Week 9 – Communication and attunement – how to recover when things go wrong

Week 10 – Celebrating success!!

Group Triple P








6 group weeks + 2 Tel calls

Week 1 – Positive parenting (What influences  children’s behaviour, setting goals for change, keeping track of child’s behaviour)

Week 2 – Helping children develop (Use strategies for developing a positive relationship, strategies for encouraging desirable behaviour, teaching children new skills or behaviours, practice and monitor)

Week 3 – Managing misbehaviour ( Setting clear ground rules, use directed discussion and planned ignoring, give clear calm instructions, use logical consequences, quiet time or time out)

Week 4 – Managing misbehaviour continued

Week 5 – Planning ahead (Family survival tips to make parenting easier, high risk situations, planned activities routines for high risk situations.

Weeks 6 & 7 – Telephone consultations to track progress.

Week 8 – Program close (Setting further goals for change) Identification of on-going support…


Parents apart workshop



3 hours

The ‘Parents Apart’ workshop explores how the divorce process can affect adults and children, and how to change things for the better.

‘Relate’ have trained trainers to present this course together with a handbook which contains information taken from a wide range of research into parenting after divorce and separation.

No matter how recently or how long ago parents divorced or separated these workshops are for anyone who would like to improve their understanding and communications with their children and ex-partner.

Speak Easy

(Developed by FPA)



8 weeks

This Speakeasy course is for parents/carers.

It is designed to help parents  feel more able to talk to their children about sex and relationships. Content covered:-

 Answering children’s questions (all ages)

 Sex and relationships education in the home

 Puberty and growing up

 Keeping children safe from harm

 Contraception

 Sexually transmitted infections

 Sex and relationships information from other places, such as TV, media..

 Sex and relationships education (SRE) in schools.

Strengthening Families

(10 – 14)


Parent & child attend together. Separate sessions for parent/young person then joint family session.


7 Weeks


Session 1 – Love & limits

Session 2 – Making house rules

Session 3 – Encouraging good behaviour

Session 4 – Using consequences

Session 5 – Building bridges

Session 6 – Protecting against substance misuse

Session 7 – Getting help for special family needs



Child/Young person (Age 10 to 14)

Session 1 – Having goals and dreams

Session 2 – Appreciating parents

Session 3 – Dealing with stress

Session 4 – Following rules

Session 5 – Dealing with peer pressure

Session 6 – Peer pressure and good friends

Session 7 – Reaching out to others


Family session:-

Session 1- Supporting goals and dreams

Session 2 – Appreciating family members

Session 3 – Using family meetings

Session 4 – Understanding family values

Session 5 – Building family communication

Session 6 – Families & peer pressure

Session 7 – Putting it all together


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