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Class 5 Home Learning

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Suggested activities for w/c 20th July

Note: We have no expectations for submitting work - the work below is a recommended option available for you to use if you would like. 

If you would like to share any completed work, do so  by taking a photograph/scan and email it to us at 

It would also be great to hear from all of you whether submitting work to not, just to let us know what you have been doing to keep busy and how you are feeling! Because we do care! 

The above email address will be checked regularly during the usual school day hours.


Class 5 - 2019/20

Year 6…


You’ve done it! You have reached the very end of primary school and we are all so so proud of you all. You are a fantastic class who have worked so hard and had lots of fun whilst doing so. It has been fantastic to witness some lovely friendships grow - friendships we are sure will last a long, long time. 


You have all had a year to remember (for many reasons). Some people may say you are the lucky ones as you ‘didn’t do SATS’, but you had done all the hard work in preparation for them, and as teachers we know you were all going to do amazingly well. So you all deserve a huge virtual pat on the back!  


Since March, as you all know, school changed. Again, we would just like to thank you all for how you reacted and adapted to working from home with such enthusiasm and brilliance. We would have loved nothing more than to finish the year with you all in school and to have worked with you all planning an end of year performance… 


You are however moving onto the next stage in your lives, a stage full of new and exciting opportunities. It will be strange at first and at times it will be challenging, yet you will very soon settle and make many new friends, meet some great teachers (some scary teachers) and learn lots of new and exciting things.


We wish you all the best for the future, it has been lovely getting to know you all as individuals – you are a class full of personalities. 


So for now, it’s good-bye and good luck!


Mr Self and Mrs Parrott


PS. We miss you already! 

PSS. Thank you to all of you who sent a paper plane video in over the past few weeks. With help from Mr Davis we have put them all together for you all to enjoy! 

I hope the link below works... I hope it makes a lovely keepsake. Please make me aware of any issues / difficulties. 

IMPORTANT: The video link is via YouTube and is only accessible to those with the link. The video can not be accessed by anyone without the below link. 



Year 6 leavers video 2020

Our fabulous Year 5s!

I am sure you understand the big goodbye to our Year 6 children and hope you don't feel left out!! 

You have been brilliant all year - you have come into a class of mostly Year 6 children and settled in so well, in-fact I think you have kept the Year 6's on their toes! You are six very kind, very fun and interesting individuals of whom we are super excited to work with again next year. You will all be extra prepared now for Year 6 and we are sure you will all set a fantastic example to the rest of the school as Year 6 pupils. 

We can not wait to see you all again in September!

Mr Self and Mrs Parrott 


Brilliant work from those in Class 5

End of the year activity: 

Memory poster: Using a template similar to the image below, or your own, with your own sub-headings, you task is to create a End of Year Memory poster. 

Year 6 - you may wish to make this End of Primary School. 

Summer Holidays:

Create a summer wish list. Make it pretty, be creative and dream about summer! 

Design a new machine! 

I would make a machine that enables me to choose the weather over my own garden..  I always want the sun, until it comes and then I wish for rain... until it comes, then I wish for dryness, then my grass begins to die so I wish for rain again.... I wish I could just use a machine to switch the weather as I please... What about you?

Year 5 - You will be receiving a transition pack soon! Within the pack we will be asking you to create an 'All about me' page. We look forward to seeing them all! 

Class email is still open for you all
Always happy to hear from you. 

Ideas for use at any time

Learning Activities Year 5

Ideas to support your Year 5 child:

  • Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
  • Estimate the area and perimeter of the rooms in your house
  • Write a story including direct speech and parenthesis
  • Create different fractions using everyday objects, then record and compare them
  • Practise Y5/6 spelling words
  • Recap specific grammatical terminology
  • Practise multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 or 2 digit numbers
  • Practise dividing 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit numbers
  • Read, write, order and compare decimals, for example money
Practical ideas for Y5 home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page
Learning Activities Year 6

Ideas to support your Year 6 child:

  • Recap specific grammatical terminology
  • Practise spellings from the Y5/6 word list and put them in sentences
  • Read lots of different types of texts and discuss them
  • Practise calculating using all 4 written methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
  • Explore equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Practise calculations using fractions and decimals
  • Find fractions and percentages of amounts
Practical ideas for Y6 home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page
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