Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

In Class 5, we have two teachers: Mr Self (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Parrott (Thursday - Friday), we are supported by Mrs Roberts and Mrs Simpson across the week.
Important Dates in Class 5:

Friday 4th October - School photographs being taken.

Can you solve our algebraic problems?
Can you explain which row, column or diagonal to work out first?

Topic: Globetrotters!
Autumn Term

This half term we are learning about a variety of topics which we are very excited about:

  • Our Topic this half term is called 'Globetrotters' and we will be learning about the Arctic! Class 5 have already begun discussing what they are looking forward to learning, which includes the people, wildlife and the impact of global warming.
  • In English we begin by focusing on fiction writing and poetry. We will be looking closely ata class novel linked to the Arctic, before then focusing on non-fiction.
  •  Art/D.T will involve painting and oil pastels. How can you study the Arctic withoutcelebrating the Northern Lights and their beauty! All children will need to have an art apron or old shirt in school every day pleas.
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  • In Science this half- term Class 5 will be learning all about properties and changes of materials. This will include comparing materials, investigating thermal conductors and insulators, dissolving materials, separating mixtures of materials and identifying and explaining irreversible chemical changes.
  • In RE Class 5 are exploring the question 'What do Christians learn from the creation story?'
  • In music this half-term Class 5 will be enjoying completing the Charanga Music Programme 'Livin' On A Prayer'. 
  • In French, with Miss Bacon, Class 5 will be re-capping and building upon their knowledge through stories, songs and practicing oracy and literacy.
  • In Computing Class 5 will be developing their own games with Mrs Hedges!
  • PE is on Wednesday afternoons and every other Tuesday or Friday afternoon.
  • Please have kit every day.

Spelling and Homework: 

This year we are going to trial NOT giving children a list of spellings to learn for a test each week. (Some parents may breathe a sigh of relief at this while others of you may have liked it as a way to work with your children at home.) However, research has proved that just learning lists for a test is not beneficial to the quality of children’s writing. We will still be teaching spelling rules and still be holding spelling ‘tests’, but are approaching spellings in a less formal and more contextualised way to support children to progress further with their writing. We will frequently send the tests home so that you can see how your child is developing. We have included ways to help your children with spellings; please see the spelling section on the homework sheet. Most of the suggestions are based around activities or games to aid longer term memory for spelling, rather than short term superficial learning for a test. We will also send home word-mats for the children, with the spellings that the Government published in the National Curriculum. These provide ideas for words to practise/play the games with. 

Each child will receive a homework book. There are lists of possible homework activities each half term for children to choose from and complete at their own pace, in their own style. There will be a date when the book needs to be handed in (usually the 4th or 5th week of each half term) to be marked and commented on. The date the book is due in this half term is Friday 11th October

  • Children should aim to read for pleasure every day, whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper or other! 
  • Whilst reading, children should be encouraged to ask questions about the story, make predictions, look at the pictures to find clues and learn new words. 

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