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Class 4 spelling word list

April - May 2015

Regular Spellings

poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, famous, various, adventurous, tremendous, enormous, jealous

humour, humorous, glamour, glamorous, vigour, vigorous courage, courageous.

outrage, outrageous

autobiography, autograph, automatic

antiseptic, anti-clockwise, antisocial, antibiotics

interact, international, interrelated

supermarket, superman, superstar

irregular, irrelevant,


Common Exception Words

height, history, imagine, increase, important, interest, island, knowledge, learn, length, library, material, medicine, mention, minute, natural, naughty, notice, occasion(ally), often, opposite, ordinary, particular, peculiar, perhaps, 

popular, possible, potatoes, pressure, probably, promise, purpose, quarter, question, recent, regular, reign, remember, sentence, separate, special, straight, strange, strength, suppose, surprise, therefore, though/although, thought, through, various, weight, woman/women

Extension words (common exception)

explanation, familiar, foreign, forty, frequently, government, guarantee, harass, hindrance, identity, immediately, individual, interfere, interrupt, language, leisure, lightning

Over the course of this half term, you will learn all these words and spelling families. Each week, you will be tested on the ones you have learnt that week and also a selection for words from previous weeks.
Blue words are ones that follow spelling patterns. Red and green words are taken from the prescribed curriculum word lists. 
The black words are the ones that we learnt last half term. Keep your eye on these, as you may be tested on some of them again at some point.

All these spellings are taken from the new National Curriculum for English and are from the spellings lists for years 3/4 and 5/6. 

New spellings are usually handed out on a Friday, to be handed in and tested on the following Thursday.