Class 4

Miss Bacon teaches Class 4, a class of years 4 and 5 children.

Fun Fact: Cows are Miss Bacon's favourite animal! 

In Class 4 we have two fantastic Teaching Assistants. On Monday to Thursday we have Mrs Roberts, and on Fridays we have Mr Davis.

Term 1 (7th Sept - 21st Oct)

Below is a glimpse into what Class 4 are learning this half-term:

As the timetable shows, this half-term years 4 and 5 will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction.

Many of our English lessons this half-term will be linked to our Topic (which is explained further down this page). 
Miss Bacon will be reading this brilliant book to Class 4:
There will be a mixture of creative fiction and non-fiction writing tasks related to this story. 
Punctuation and grammar will also be regularly taught.

Guided Reading (GR): 
Our GR sessions consist of 5 activities:

1) Reading a book with Miss Bacon
2) Independent reading 
3) Handwriting
4) Reading comprehension with a Teaching Assistant
5) Maths Jottings

The children are grouped and do a different activity each day. 
The way GR is taught needs to be adapted, in line with Coronavirus guidelines. Miss Bacon is in the process of figuring this out! For now, we are enjoying doing lots of reading.

The children are given 15 spellings to learn each week. 

The spellings include high frequency words as well as the years 3/4 and 5/6 spellings from the Primary National Curriculum. 
Therefore, the spellings can be challenging!

I expect the children to try their best each week to learn as many spellings as they can. 
If your child is really struggling, it is perfectly fine to focus on just a few spellings each week so it's not too overwhelming for them, until they feel  confident to attempt learning a few more.

Tests are on Mondays and new spellings will be handed out on the same day.

I do not want the children to be stressed about learning spellings. They are only competing against themselves and doing the best they can.

The high frequency words below will be included in the spelling lists throughout the year. However, if you would like some extra spellings to work on, please use these.
Test your child can spell these words as well as use them correctly in sentences.

In Science, we will be learning about food chains. The vocabulary the children will learn consists of the following: photosynthesis, organism, food chain, food web, producer, consumer, predator, herbivore, carnivore, habitat, prey and omnivore. 
If you'd like to help your child learn the meanings of these words at home, that would be brilliant!

Our Topic is called 'Location, Location, Location'. We will be focusing on locating the world's countries, particularly in Europe and North and South America. We are going to be filling in 'passports' after learning key information about a range of countries. 
It would be amazing if the children could also have some support at home with locating some countries on a world map. It's a big task and the more practise they have, the better. 
Below is an example of a website you may want to use and a free app:

In RE this half-term, we will be exploring the question: 
Where do religious beliefs come from?

In art, we will be learning about David Hockney, with a focus on local landscapes.

Class 4 children are timetabled to have PE on Tuesdays; so until further notice, can they please arrive at school wearing their PE kits. Many thanks.

In French, Class 4 will be revisiting previous learning as well as extending their current knowledge and language skills.

In computing, the children will explore various programming platforms: Lightbot, Scratch, Kodu and Blockly. Over the year, the children will also extend their knowledge of Microsoft Office and computer safety. 

The children would usually be given an exercise book to do their homework in.
Due to Coronavirus and the difficulties it brings, for the time being homework will consist of:
  • MyMaths: Letters are being sent out with the children's login details. I have set tasks I would like all the children to do by the end of this half-term, there are lots but many of them are short tasks. If possible, please sit with your child whilst they complete the tasks, so they can learn from their mistakes, rather than just moving on.
  • Times Tables: Links to times tables songs can be found above, in the maths section.  Your child should be confident with their times tables up to 12 x 12; so the more practise the better!
  • Topic: Research interesting Geography facts and write down up to 5 facts on a piece of paper. Each fact should be no longer than 2 sentences long and will be written on our 'Fascinating Facts' board. E.g. The continent with the most countries is Africa, which has 54 countries.
  • Reading: As mentioned below, the children should be reading every day. For a classroom display, please take a photo of your child reading and email it to They could be reading to a pet, reading in the garden, under the bed... wherever they want, have fun!

Children should aim to read every day, whether they are reading independently or listening to a family member read to them. 
It should be an enjoyable experience; so whether your child wants to read a book, comic, newspaper or recipe book...I don't mind!

Whilst reading, children should be encouraged to ask questions about the text, make predictions, look at the pictures to find clues and learn new words.

Look at our photos from Autumn Term I...

Look at some of our work to 'bee' proud of.
We were imagining we had a magic globe and drew pictures of where 
we would like the magic globe to take us!
Next, we are going to write stories.

We hope you like our new display.