Class 4

Miss Bacon teaches Class 4 alongside our amazing TA's : Mrs Roberts Monday - Thursday and Mr Davis on Fridays. 

                         We are a class of Year 4 and Year 5 children.

Spring Term i

This half term we are learning about a variety of topics which we are very excited about:

  • In Science we are learning about the human digestive system. We will be identifying the parts of the digestive system and describing the functions. We will also be identifying the types and functions of teeth. We are looking forward to interactive lessons, where we'll be singing scientific songs, measuring the length of an adult digestive system, carrying out gruesome experiments and much more.
  • Topic this half term is called 'Invaders and Settlers' and is all about Britain's settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots. We are excited to learn new things and develop a good understanding of this period in history. We are  keen to incorporate drama into our lessons and get into the spirit of the Anglo-Saxons and Scots!
  • In English we are focusing on fiction and non-fiction writing, some of which will be linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This will include building pictures of characters using descriptive language, using persuasive language, finding evidence in the book to support our answers to questions, writing from a different perspective and writing a newspaper article. Within this, we will be focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar to produce writing we can be really proud of.
  • In RE we are continuing to explore the question  'What is the Trinity?' Look at the fantastic poem we've written called 'The Creation' using the link at the bottom of this page!
  • In music this half-term we will be enjoying completing the Charanga Music Programme 'Make You Feel My Love'. We are also going to be basing some of our music lessons on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for example we are going to be making up new songs the Oompa Loompa's could sing in the factory!
  • In art we will be creatively exploring celtic patterns through artists including Monet and Degas. We will also be making art cross-curricular, for example creating models of the digestive system.
  • In French we are re-capping and building upon our knowledge through stories, songs and practicing oracy and literacy.

  • PE is on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.
  • Please have kit every day.
  • Swimming for Year 4's will be on Thursday mornings in the Spring Term.

  • A book is sent home every half term with homework ideas.
  • Please complete at least one idea from English and one from Maths.
  • Any extra the children would like to do is brilliant!
  • The books are due in on Friday 7th February 2020.
  • Spelling tests are on Mondays.
  • Spelling books will be returned to the children on the same day.
  • Children should aim to read for pleasure every day, whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper or other! 
  • Whilst reading, children should be encouraged to ask questions about the story, make predictions, look at the pictures to find clues and learn new words. 

N.B. Miss Bacon is not in school on Tuesday mornings.
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