Class 4

Miss Bacon teaches Class 4, a class of years 4 and 5 children.

Fun Fact: Cows are Miss Bacon's favourite animal! 

In Class 4 we have two fantastic Teaching Assistants. On Monday to Thursday we have Mrs Roberts, and on Fridays we have Mr Davis.

Term I (4th Jan - 12th Feb)

Below is a glimpse into what Class 4 are learning this half-term:

As the timetable shows, this half-term years 4 and 5 will be focusing on multiplication, division and fractions.

Many of our English lessons this half-term will be linked to our Topic 'Wonderful World' (which is explained further down this page). 
There will be a mixture of non-fiction writing tasks as well as plenty of imaginative fictional writing too.
Punctuation and grammar will also be regularly taught and reinforced.

The children are given 15 spellings to learn each week. 

The spellings include high frequency words as well as the years 3/4 and 5/6 spellings from the Primary National Curriculum. 
Therefore, the spellings can be challenging!

I expect the children to try their best each week to learn as many spellings as they can. 
If your child is really struggling, it is perfectly fine to focus on just a few spellings each week so it's not too overwhelming for them, until they feel  confident to attempt learning a few more.

Tests are on Mondays and new spellings will be handed out on the same day.

The high frequency words below will be included in the spelling lists throughout the year. However, if you would like some extra spellings to work on, please use these.
Test your child can spell these words as well as use them correctly in sentences.


Our Topic is called 'Wonderful World'; we will be learning about rivers and the water cycle, which is why our Science and Topic are linked for this half-term.
Our learning will involve:
- Locating the key rivers of the world
- Describing the key features of a river system
- Understanding erosion and deposition in river systems
- Explaining the 3 states of matter (solids, liquids and gases)
- Explaining the key aspects of the water cycle
- Explaining how clouds and rain are formed

Our lessons will be practical and involve scientific experiments. We will also be getting creative and using maps to produce artwork representing the course of a river. We'll be using the internet to find out more about some of the world's major rivers, and using drama to represent the life story of a water droplet. Finally, we will be becoming meteorologists!

It is going to be a fun-filled and busy half-term!


In RE this half-term, we will be exploring the question 'How has belief in Islam impacted on music and art throughout history'?
We will then move onto analysing 'What kind of world did Jesus want'?

Our art will be linked to our Topic; we will be creating river collages.

Class 4 are timetabled to have PE on Tuesdays; so until further notice, can they please arrive at school wearing their PE kits, which they will stay in all day. Many thanks.

In French, Class 4 will be revisiting previous learning as well as extending their current knowledge and language skills.

In computing, the children will explore various programming platforms: Lightbot, Scratch, Kodu and Blockly. Over the year, the children will also extend their knowledge of Microsoft Office and computer safety. 

The children have been given an exercise book to do their homework in.
The books are due in on Friday 5th February 2021.

Children should aim to read every day, whether they are reading independently or listening to a family member read to them. 
It should be an enjoyable experience; so whether your child wants to read a book, comic, newspaper or recipe book...I don't mind! 

Whilst reading, children should be encouraged to ask questions about the text, make predictions, look at the pictures to find clues and learn new words. 

It's so important that children understand what they are reading, rather than just reading the words on the page.

Have a look at what we've been up to so far this academic year:

Autumn Term I, 2020 Photos

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