Class 4

Autumn Term ii
Welcome to Class 4!

Miss Bugg teaches Class 4. We are a class of year 4 and year 5 children. Welcome to our page! 

You will be able to see what we have been been doing in class and find some useful information about us!       

                                    Technical Toys

This term we will be focusing on creating a storybook that includes levers. We will also be looking scientifically at levers and forces in science. 

In English, we shall be looking at fiction writing and creating our own story. We will also be exploring Christmas poetry and creating our own poem.

Class 4 - 2017-2018


Class 4 Barnham Bake Off 2016-2017!

Class 4 took part in a 'Class Bake Off'. We needed to use our math skills and our cooking skills! We were given American cookie recipes in pairs. We found out that American's measure their ingredients using cups. For example 2 1/2 cups of flour. Miss Bugg was sneaky and gave us recipes which were for only 12 people! That wasn't going to be enough to feed the class. We had to use our knowledge of multiplying fractions by whole numbers to work out the new recipe so that everyone could have at least 1 cookie each! We then used this recipe to bake our own cookies! Take a look...


Spelling 2017-2018


This term, PE will be on Wednesday and Thursday.  
Please make sure you have your P.E. kits for these days

This year homework will be sent home in a homework book. The children will need to complete at least one English and one Maths homework of their choice. Any extra is great! This should be returned by Wednesday 13th December

Spellings will be tested every Monday and new spellings handed on Monday. 

Art Aprons
It would be greatly appreciated if the children have an art apron with them every day - we never know when we're going to get messy!

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