Class 3

Mrs Hedges teaches Class 3 with Mr Smee as our TA.  We are a class for Year 3 and Year 4 children.

Autumn term ii

We are learning about lots of different topics:
  • English this half term includes a mixture of texts and inspirations.  We will learn about many different aspects of fiction and non-fiction.  This includes reading and writing based instructions and explanations, myths and legends, and a mixture of English objectives all to do with Christmas.
  • Our topic this half term is called 'Awesome Ancients' and is all about the history of Ancient Sumer.  This will entail learning about the timelines of ancient civilisations, where Sumer was and what is there now, writing forms, mathematics, art and culture.
  • This half term in art/DT we are looking to Ancient Sumer for inspiration and creating our own clay sculptures.
  • Our science work is about electricity.  We will learn about constructing simple series circuits, conductors and insulators, and electrical safety.
  • In music we will be playing music in a unit with the catchy title of 'Glockenspiel Stage 1'.  We will learn more about playing tuned percussion and reading music.
  • In RE, we will continue our big question 'What is it like to follow God?' before following up with 'What kind of world did Jesus want?'
  • We are learning French this year - Bonjour!  Across the year we are gaining a solid grounding in the basics, with Year 3 learning the language for the first time.  Year 4 will refresh the vocabulary learnt last year whilst learning the next steps also.
  • In Computing, Key Stage 2 will explore different programming platforms: Lightbot (, Scratch (, Kodu ( and Blockly (  Over the year we also extend our learning about Microsoft Office, computer safety and any other coding that we discover along the way!

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Please have kit every day, especially in the summer term

  • A book is sent home every half term with homework ideas
  • Please complete at least one idea from English and another from maths
  • Please complete any number of other pieces
  • The books are due in on a given date before the end of the half term
  • They are returned with a new curriculum map at the start of the next half term!

Look at what we've been up to...

We went to the Cathedral.

  • Tests on Mondays
  • Books returned on Tuesdays
  • See the Google Doc for the relevant spelling lists
  • Underlined words are from the Y3/4 curriculum spelling list

Autumn 2018 spellings


We did lots of things we might not have done otherwise!

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