Class 3

Mrs Hedges teaches Class 3 with Mr Smee and Mr Tooms as our TAs.  We are a class for Year 3 and Year 4 children.

Summer 1 class info - updated 14th April

Dear all

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter.  We have had a positive return to school this week - the sunshine has certainly helped!  Nothing too much has changed for us from before Easter but please do check below just in case.

Kind regards

Mrs Hedges

Home learning if self-isolating
  • If your child is away from school due to self-isolating, I will share our work for the day via Google Classroom
  • I will share this after I am notified of absence, however this may not be possible until mid-morning
  • This will only be shared with those who are away, so it will appear to everybody else as though nothing has been posted!
Reading books
  • We have changed books on Monday/Tuesday this week, but we'll revert to changing books on Fridays from now on
  • Please make sure reading books come in every day as we read them at various times
  • Full Summer term list is now on Google Classroom under the 'homework' section in 'Classwork'
  • This is also being sent home today (14th April)
  • Tests on Wednesdays in school
  • Thursdays
  • Please come to school wearing PE kit

 (N.B. Sept 2020: not currently updated - arrangements to be confirmed if/when needed)

Summer term i

We are learning about lots of different topics:
  • English this half term includes a mixture of texts and inspirations.  We will learn about many different aspects of fiction and non-fiction.  This includes shape poems, instructions and sci-fi writing.
  • Our topic and science this half term is called 'Cosmic Capers' and is all about space, focusing on the Sun and Moon.  We will learn about the space race, why we have day and night, why the Moon appears to change shape in the sky...
  • This half term in art/DT we are learning about Vincent van Gogh and linking our work to our topic/science.
  • We are going to have some Zoom lessons from the Norfolk Music Hub all about different aspects of music theory this half term.  This is a great chance to see new faces and learn from music specialists.  We've never done this before - I'm sure you'll hear all about it!
  • In RE, we are asking the questions 'What is philosophy?' and 'How do people make moral decisions?'.  For this, we will consider both Christian and Humanist views.
  • We are learning French this year - Bonjour!  Across the year we are gaining a solid grounding in the basics, with Year 3 learning the language for the first time.  Year 4 will refresh the vocabulary learnt last year whilst learning the next steps also.
  • In Computing, Key Stage 2 will explore different programming platforms: Lightbot (, Scratch (, Kodu ( and Blockly (  Over the year we also extend our learning about Microsoft Office, computer safety and any other coding that we discover along the way!  We have also learnt how to navigate Google Classroom and now have a good amount of experience with this!
Our past curriculum overviews are linked below.  Please check Google Classroom for suggested homework tasks.

  • Thursday afternoons
  • Please come to school wearing PE kit (we will wear this all day)
  • Outdoor learning will also take place on Thursday mornings

  • Read every day: you are welcome to read a mixture of the books sent home from school and anything else that interests you.  Variety is good!
  • Please learn the spellings sent home
  • Times tables: Y3 will learn 3x, 4x and 8x tables this year; Y4 will learn every times table up to 12x12!
  • More ideas and suggestions are on Google Classroom

Look at what we've been up to...

We went to the Cathedral.

  • Tests on Wednesdays (on separate paper in school)
  • Whole term's list sent home
  • See the Google Doc for the relevant spelling lists
Everybody learns the red words
Most children learn the black words
Blue words are for those who would like an extra challenge!

      Autumn 2020 spellings

      Spring 2021 spellings

      Summer 2021 spellings


      We did lots of things we might not have done otherwise!

      Alice Hedges,
      3 Sept 2019, 07:30
      Alice Hedges,
      14 Sept 2019, 03:40
      Alice Hedges,
      31 Oct 2019, 04:29
      Alice Hedges,
      5 Mar 2020, 02:35