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Special Educational Needs - Support and Information to our SEN support page - Please ignore that it say Class 2, it is just the way I have linked it in the website and is a work in progress!  It is for anyone in school with SEN or for anyone who wants advice on anxiety and how to explain to your child what is going on - see the social story below. If you you need to contact me then please use this email address-    Mrs Sivyer.

Please click on the images to take you to the websites, there are also some documents at the end of this page saved in files - which gives suggestions for ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, dyspraxia and speech and language.  Along with vocabulary pictures in order to create visual timetables at home.
Support for Speech and Language - We are not permitted to upload their resources to our website however if you click the image above and then scroll to the bottom of the page you will find lots of downloadable resources. 
* Graded listening games 
* Listening activities
Language Activities
* Working on concepts
* Working on following instructions
* Working on negatives
* Working on pronouns
* Working on verb tenses
* Working on complex sentences
* Working on questions, who, what, where and when.
* Working on reasoning and problem solving, why and how questions
* working on vocabulary.
Link to magazines
 This will take you to Nessy reading and spelling, if your child uses this in school then we will email you shortly with passwords.

Spelling and Writing, not specifically SEN however these could be useful - history through the ages many links to virtual tours and support and advice, online learning, music, geography and nature plus much more - some of this is a bit advanced but plenty that could be useful.

Click the image below and scroll to almost the bottom of the page for this section

CORONAVIRUS video For children


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