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BIG Talk

BIG Talk homework for Thursday 20th June

This weeks talk home work will be for our BIG Write next Friday.
Due to a Year 2 trip tomorrow and an Inset Day next Thursday our BIG Write will need to be postponed until Friday 28th June.
You will have a lot of time to prepare!
Imagine you meet a dinosaur.
Where might you meet the dinosaur? What type of dinosaur is it? Is it friendly? Do you have an adventure together? 
Talk about good adjectives to describe your dinosaur, not just 'big', but try to think of other words to use. Does the dinosaur speak? If so how does it talk? Quietly, grumpily, noisily? The list is endless, imagination is all you need.

BIG Talk homework for Thursday 13th June

Our BIG Talk homework this week is the weather.
Talk about the different types of weather and words that can be used to describe the weather.
How do weather forecasters describe the weather?
In class we often look at the BBC weather forecast.