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Class 1 Home Learning

Enjoy storytime with your teachers

Adventures with Bertie Bear

Bertie spends time with Mrs Edmonds

Bertie spends time with Mrs Heritage

Bertie spends time with Mrs Singleton

West Runton Rock Pools:


Bertie enjoyed looking at the baby crabs and whelks.

Learning to ride a bike

Gardening and helping grow potatoes & carrots


Having a lovely snooze with Mrs Singleton’s little boy after a hard day gardening!

Bertie stays with Mrs Baldry and Freya


           Baking cookies - yum!                Having a paddle in the water sprinkler.

Watch this clip to find out what else he’s been up to:

Bertie stays with Mrs L-B

Bertie has had a fun week with Mrs L-B, here he is having a picnic, can you spot him?

Bertie helped to bake a cake for the picnic.

Watering the courgettes.

Helping Mrs L-B in the garden.

Bertie helped Mrs L-B’s son with his home schooling.

Here he is enjoying some take 

away pizza.

Bertie enjoyed a games night with Mrs L-B.

Mrs L-B read Bertie ‘The Snail and the Whale’:

w/c 06/07/2020

Bertie Bears Adventures:

What has Bertie been up to this week?

Bertie spends some time with Mrs Sivyer and her daughter Connie.

If you are going to be in year 1, Mrs Sivyer might be your teacher. She teaches in class 2.

A message from Connie:

I wonder who Bertie has gone to visit this week?

If you have any questions or want to share some amazing work, remember you can email 

Class 1 Home Learning w/c 06/07/2020

Sports Day challenges:

Egg and spoon 

Can you balance an egg on a spoon and have a race from one side of the garden to the other? (or park when walking)

Don’t drop it!!

Hop on on leg (alternate):

Can you hop on one leg for 30 seconds? 

Switch legs and try the same. If one leg is easier than the other, keep working on the move wobbly leg.

Wheelbarrow race (PG):

This requires an adult to supervise!

Can you find a partner, either a sibling or parent?

Take turns to be each part of the wheelbarrow, see if you can walk on your hands.

Book head balance:

Can you balance a book on your head and walk without dropping it?

Star jump challenge:

See how many star jumps you can do in one minute. Write down how many you do on day one, then try again and see if you can beat you own score!

Stand on one leg challenge:

See how long you can balance on one leg without getting wobbly.

TIP: find a spot on the wall and focus all your attention on that (you’ll wobble less)!


Phonicsplay details

YrR-phase 3, Yr1-phase 5

Username: march20            Password: home

Each day...

  • Remember to read a book each day. Look on your bookshelf, do you have any stories with sea creatures animals in? Maybe you could read one of these?

  • Use phonicsplay: flashcards-speed trial to recap on your phonic sounds or use your sound string. 

  • Play a phonics game daily. This could be: 

  • Learn the alphabet and letter names, a sound or the tricky words listed below:


Year 1

Can you recap these sounds with the children:

Recap, revising all of Phase 3:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

Adults say a sound and get the children to write it down (not in this order, please jumble them up).

Tricky words:

they, go, was no, my you

Look at the word, Say it out loud, Cover it up, Write it down, Check what you’ve written.

Play buried treasure:

Choose phase 3 and revise all sounds

Play Picnic on Pluto (watch out for the burping alien)!

Choose phase 3 and revise all sounds

This week we will learn:

We are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the a grapheme.

Can you sort words into lists by the way the a grapheme is pronounced. Words: hat, splash, band, laptop, grand, bacon, apron, angel, apricot, bagel, fast, bath, grass, after, path, was, what, squad, want, wander

Can you read these sentences and say which a sound is being used?

Will you wear a hat when you eat a bacon sandwich in the bath? Can you watch a wasp sting a lady or will it be too fast? Would an angel want to visit a bank in the afternoon?

Play Acorn Adventures

Can you (adult) write these sentences:

Is bread a treat or do you dread it? Will a deaf cat bleat to get treats? Can reading a book freak you out?

-Ask the children to read them and for an extra challenge add in all the sound buttons/lines


water, where, who, again, thought, through, work, mouse

Choose one activity (* is easiest, ** is medium, *** is hardest

*Play Dragons Den (choose revise all phase 3)

**Play the Yes No game

Get the children to write this question (you read and don’t show it to them)

Then they have to answer Yes or No!

Can we get wool from sheep? Will six cows fit in a car? Can a chicken sit on a chair? Can a goat quack? Can sheep bark? Can a farmer keep a duck? Will a cat get a rat in a barn? Can you cook in a bedroom? Will lightning hit a church?

 ***The igh challenge

How many igh words can you get into one or two sentences?

It can be a silly sentence

ie: high, light, night, fight, sigh, tonight, might, tight

Choose one activity (* is easiest, ** is medium, *** is hardest):


Read the words and sort them into the way the a is pronounced

**Listen to these  sentences being read by an adult then have a go yourself:

Who thought they saw a mouse swimming through the water again? Where do you work? Where is the little mouse who likes to splash?

***Adults write these sentences and get the children to read them:

Many of my friends laughed because I wore two different shoes. I opened my eyes, laughed once and said please. I didn’t want any tea because I ate too many sweets

Can the children write them afterwards without looking at the words?


Your child may like to watch a phonics lesson, if so try watching Letters and Sounds on youtube:

Lessons will be shown at the following times:

Reception at 10am

Year 1 at 10.30am

Maths and Topic

Choose one blue activity (maths) and one red activity (topic) each day - you could do more if you want!

The *challenge is trickier if you want to challenge yourself. 



Read this info about octopuses or ask a grown up to read it to you

Octopus Information

*Try to answer these questions

Octopus questions and answers

** Can you find your own facts about octopuses? Can you write a few down?

Place value problem

Continue to practise counting to 100, you could do it with a family member and each take it in turns to say the next number.

*Try this: Place Value Problem

Thinking about whether numbers are greater or smaller than each other **Try this problem:

Greater than or less than

Octopus Art

Make your own octopus

*Can you think of adjectives to describe your octopus?

**Write your own octopus description.

Octopus poems

Read the poems

*Can you write your own octopus poem?

** Can you add lots of describing words?

You might like to listen to ‘Commotion in the Ocean’

Recognising notes £££

In England we use £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes

Can you sort the notes out by seeing what they look like and ordering them from the lowest amount to the highest?

Which one would be best to get for pocket money!!!??

Make (or print from Twinkl link at bottom of page) some notes and write the amounts on them. 

For an extra challenge: see how many ways you could make

 £20 Year R

£50 Year 1

(using only notes)

note strips (these may help you)

Think about your time in Class1 

Talk to a grown up about what you have enjoyed in class 1. What you have learnt and what you would like to be better at.

We would love to hear your thoughts?

*You could film them and email them to us or **write them down and share them with us.

Using coins

You could sort out the different coins in your money box, can you name the different coins?

Set up a mini food shop with priced items up to 10p or 20p.

Borrow some items from the cupboard (check with mum/dad first). Write some labels and start spending and inviting guests.

Why not try this?

*Change from 10p

**Change from 20p

Finding change is really tricky so the more practise children can get handling and using coins the better.

You could use 10 x 1p coins or 20 x 1p coins when you are practising. Give the correct amount of coins for the item that you are buying and count how many are left OR

count from the priced item up to your total eg. an apple costs 8p, count on from 8 to 10 (your answer will be 2) this will give you the correct amount of change that you need.

You may like to listen to this story:

*With the help of a grown up can you make your own rainbow?

Raindrops split sunlight. If you stand with your back to the sun, facing raindrops, you can see a rainbow. Try making a rainbow with the spray from a hose.

Your lovely face:

Have a look in the mirror and REALLY focus on what you look like. What shape are your eyebrows? Are you eyes all one colour or any flecks of other colours? Does your skin have any freckles or unique marks? What shape are your lips? Any gaps or lost teeth?

Can you draw a self portrait and send us a photo of you with it? 

Diving in

Use this picture, talk about what you can see.

What do you think they are jumping from?

Why do you think they are diving in?

How do you think it feels to be in the water?

What might they see under water?

*write down some of the adjectives (describing words) that you used in your answers.

** write a few sentences about the picture or your own short story.

Mega Maths challenge:

This is to help the children gain a deeper understanding of notes. Take your time, make mistakes and go back to the problem all week if you like.

How much money could these children have?

Sam has 4 notes altogether.

Mo has 4 notes all the same.

How many answers can you come up with?

Please let us know!

There is more than one answer for each question!

***Can you explain (using words) how you worked out each answer?

Here comes the sun:

What would you like to do during the summer holidays?

Can you think about what you would like to do when you have a break from all the wonderful learning you have been doing?

Have a late night watching movies.

Sleep in the garden.

Visit the park.

Finish this sentence…..

In the summer holidays I would like to..

I am looking forward to....

NEW Challenge yourself

Move it June! #ThisIsPE ThisIsPE

Treasure Chest exercise

Five to One challenge

Throwing techniques 

Horizontal Climbing 

Sock Wars

We hope you enjoyed these activities at home last week. Here are some new activities to try at home.

Click on each link (one per week day) and have a go at the activity. 

Dough Exercises (if you have playdough at home)

If not you could try making some

  1. 1 cup of flour.

  2. 1/4 cup of salt.

  3. 3/4 cup of water.

  4. 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

  5. 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

  6. Food coloring.

  7. Any seasonings or scents you would like. Roll it, roll it Down in the jungle Wake up time



Have a wonderful week :-)

Learning Activities Year R

Ideas to support your EYFS child:

  • Read a story and talk about the characters
  • Practise phonics as often as you can
  • Practise counting
  • Talking about shapes and finding some in the home
  • Letter and number formation
  • Interact and play games
Practical ideas for YR home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page
Learning Activities Year 1

Ideas to support your Year 1 child:

  • Find objects around your home and use your phonics to label them.
  • Read a book everyday and write a sentence about what happened in the story, remembering to include capital letters and full stops.
  • Collect 10 pairs of socks, use them to practise counting in 2s
  • Get a pile of your favourite toys or Lego, group them into tens and ones and count how many you have
  • Get some seeds and plant them, record how high your plant grows each day
Practical ideas for Y1 home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page

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