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Class 1 Home Learning

Enjoy storytime with your teachers

End of term fun!

Happy summer!

Adventures with Bertie Bear

Bertie spends time with Mrs Edmonds

Bertie spends time with Mrs Heritage

Bertie spends time with Mrs Singleton

West Runton Rock Pools:


Bertie enjoyed looking at the baby crabs and whelks.

Learning to ride a bike

Gardening and helping grow potatoes & carrots


Having a lovely snooze with Mrs Singleton’s little boy after a hard day gardening!

Bertie stays with Mrs Baldry and Freya


           Baking cookies - yum!                Having a paddle in the water sprinkler.

Watch this clip to find out what else he’s been up to:

Bertie stays with Mrs L-B

Bertie has had a fun week with Mrs L-B, here he is having a picnic, can you spot him?

Bertie helped to bake a cake for the picnic.

Watering the courgettes.

Helping Mrs L-B in the garden.

Bertie helped Mrs L-B’s son with his home schooling.

Here he is enjoying some take 

away pizza.

Bertie enjoyed a games night with Mrs L-B.

Mrs L-B read Bertie ‘The Snail and the Whale’:

Bertie spends some time with Mrs Sivyer and her daughter Connie.

If you are going to be in year 1, Mrs Sivyer might be your teacher. She teaches in class 2.

A message from Connie:

Bertie spent the weekend with Mrs Hornby. Mrs Hornby works in class 2.

Bertie particularly enjoyed visiting the beach.

Oh dear! Bertie just managed to climb out of the hole that Archie had dug in the sand.

Be careful Bertie, don’t get wet!

Bertie had a look at the sea holly, it was very pretty :-)

Sitting in Mr. Hornby’s favourite chair.

Bertie was very helpful with the housework, he sneezed when we sprayed the polish!

Tucked up in bed, very cosy.

Enjoying a big bowl of cereal.

Having a chat with Charlie bear.

Patiently waiting to go for a walk.

Bertie Bears Adventures w/c 20.07.20

Bertie spent a few days with Mrs Parrott and her daughter Emily. Mrs Parrott teaches class 5.

This week Emily showed Bertie some of her garden toys.

He had a nice gentle swing.

He was an excellent goalkeeper but sat down on the job far too much.

He had fun on the rocking horse.

But wasn’t so keen on this exciting ride!

He looked a little worried about the slide.

But he went down it after her clothes were thrown down first.

And he finished off with a picnic (although the dish of the day was roasted dinosaur!)

 Have a wonderful summer holiday and we CANNOT wait to see you all soon.

Lots of love

Everyone in Class One

Learning Activities Year R

Ideas to support your EYFS child:

  • Read a story and talk about the characters
  • Practise phonics as often as you can
  • Practise counting
  • Talking about shapes and finding some in the home
  • Letter and number formation
  • Interact and play games
Practical ideas for YR home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page
Learning Activities Year 1

Ideas to support your Year 1 child:

  • Find objects around your home and use your phonics to label them.
  • Read a book everyday and write a sentence about what happened in the story, remembering to include capital letters and full stops.
  • Collect 10 pairs of socks, use them to practise counting in 2s
  • Get a pile of your favourite toys or Lego, group them into tens and ones and count how many you have
  • Get some seeds and plant them, record how high your plant grows each day
Practical ideas for Y1 home learning pack see PDF files at the bottom of the page

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