Class 1


Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Sivyer teach Class 1. Class 1 is made up of Reception children who follow the EYFS curriculum and Year 1 children who follow the Year 1 curriculum once they are ready. Class 1 are supported by Mrs Jappy, Mrs Lansdale-Brown and Mrs Periera.

Mrs Heritage will be teaching the children on a Thursday and Friday in the Summer term once she returns from maternity leave.

Our learning:

I wonder what is special to me

This half term we will focus on settling the children in and forming new friendships, we will take time to get to know the children and their likes and interests. Year 1's will learn about the increased expectations we have of them.

One of our key texts this half term will be:

Ruby's Worry will provide opportunities to talk about their own feelings and anxieties and they will be encouraged to develop empathy for the character.



Year R will be practising their listening skills and will identify sounds in the environment and in words.

Year 1 will begin the year by recapping on phase 2 and 3 sounds that they have learnt.

This year we will be teaching our phonics through a new scheme called 'Monster Phonics'.

In phonics, we teach the children to say the purest and smallest sounds for each letter eg. mmmmm instead of muh, watch this video for more information:

In the moment planning

In class 1, we adjust our teaching and topic themes based on the children's interests; so don't be surprised if we learn about lots of other things too! Our approach is ‘in the moment’ planning. We observe what the children do and assess their learning and interests, then through responding to and questioning the children (our planning), we teach 'in the moment' and move the children’s learning on by addressing their next steps immediately. Each week we concentrate in depth on 3 or 4 focus children - if your child is a focus child then we will send a sheet home for you to complete in advance, to help us to tailor their learning to their interests and activities. We would be grateful if you could return this by the date listed on the sheet. Each child will be a focus child once each half term. We continue to teach, engage, question, explore and investigate with all children.

All children have focused teaching sessions, then access independent learning. Teaching is linked to our topic, our focus objectives and the children’s interests. After each session of teaching the year 1s will complete a focused, directed learning activity before independent learning.

Mrs Edmonds storytime:

YouTube Video

Mrs Singleton storytime:

YouTube Video

This story is a beautiful way of discussing race, ethnicity and celebrating our differences with children

YouTube Video

Our Environment

Our class is set up so the children can access everything they need for themselves.
We want the children to be very independent and also learn to tidy up what they have enjoyed playing with.

Outdoor play: 

Outside we have a mud kitchen, sand pit, large construction area, creation station and water play.

We also enjoy gardening and do a weekly outdoor learning session (additional to our free flow play into the outdoor area). The children go out whatever the weather.

Who you will meet in Class One:
Mrs Edmonds has taught at Barnham Broom for nine years, in that time she has got married and had her two beautiful children. Mrs Edmonds likes to go for a run, bake and read. In her spare time she treasures days out with her family.

Mrs Sivyer has two wonderful children who keep her busy. She has a dog called Lily and a cat called Patch. Mrs Sivyer loves reading, swimming, going to the gym and gardening.

Mrs L-B has been working at Barnham Broom for just over 10 years. Mrs L-B and her husband built their own home. They have one son who attends high school. She enjoys reading, baking and socialising with family and friends. She loves to travel and her favourite place is Disney World.
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