Class 1

Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Singleton (Mrs Heritage from September 2019) teach Class 1. In Class 1 there are Reception children following the EYFS curriculum and Year 1 children following the Year 1 curriculum once they are ready. Class 1 are lucky to have Mrs Lansdale-Brown and Mrs Baldry, Mrs O'Grady and Mr Davis working with us too.
 We will be observing the children in their play and playing alongside the children too. We are going to follow the interest of the children and learn all about what they like.

During our first week we made dens, houses, trucks and tunnels from cardboard boxes.

We enjoyed playing with the Beebots, Code a Pillar and giving them instructions to move around the room.

Last half term we had a very exciting morning digging up the potatoes which had been planted by last years Class 1. The children have decided to make some potato soup and mashed potato.

Before half term the children also did these things:

In English - explored rhyme, listened to rhyming stories, found rhyming pairs and created rhyming strings.

In Maths - they practised counting and recognising numbers, estimated an amount of objects, explored finding one more or one less, named and recognised shapes and have begun to describe them, they have also explored different forms of measuring (with tape measures, metre sticks and scales).

The children have discussed how they celebrate their Birthdays, they have loved learning about their bodies and have made poppies and planted seeds in the village memorial garden.
            What a busy first half term!


Phase 1: Since the start of term children have been developing their listening skills and have been listening for rhyme, distinguishing sounds and repeating sounds.

Phase 2: In phonics the children have learnt the letter sounds:
s   a   t   p  i  n  m  d  g  o  c  k  ck  e

practise recognising and writing these sounds at home

and we have read high frequency words: 
in, is, it, at

next week:

u  r  h  b  f

and tricky words

and   the   to

 these words cannot be sounded out the children have to learn to read them by sight

Our Environment

Our class is set up so the children can access everything they need for themselves.
We want the children to be very independent and also learn to tidy up what they have enjoyed playing with.

Outdoor play: 

Outside we have a mud kitchen, sand pit, large construction area, creation station and wobble bridge.

We also enjoy gardening and do a weekly forest school session. The children get to use tools, start fires and we go out whatever the weather.