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Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision:  'Reaching For the Stars'
Trusting, Believing, Growing.

Mission Statement:

To inspire each child to be happy, independent and successful life-long learners.

  • Our Christian foundation and ethos is underpinned by trust, mutual respect, love of God and love for one another.  We promote equality, care for others and respect for others' values and beliefs, to enable our children to grow up and appreciate our diverse and multicultural society.
  • We believe that all children and young people have the right to be healthy, happy and safe; to be loved, valued and respected; and to have high aspirations for their future.
  • Our school values each child as a unique individual and recognises the importance of nurturing every aspect of a child's personality - intellectual and emotional; creative and reflective; physical and spiritual.
  • We endeavour to support and encourage each child to become confident, caring and responsible citizens who in turn support and value the communities we are a part of both near and far. We ensure that every young person is given equality of opportunity to develop socially, to learn and to enjoy community life.
  • Our school sets clear boundaries for behaviour.  Through discussion, drama and through example, children are shown what is and is not acceptable and appropriate behaviour, both in and out of school.  We value good manners, kindness, helpfulness and care for the environment.  The school provides a safe, secure and respectful environment; all pupils and visitors are expected to maintain and promote this ethos.


 We aim to realise our vision by:

  •  ensuring our children have a firm foundation of knowledge understanding and skills onto which they can build as they journey through life
  • nurturing and developing the potential of each child and working in partnership with our families and communities to ensure the children are at the heart of all we do.
  •  promoting excellence through our teaching and bringing learning alive, so our children feel confident to ask and answer questions, be active learners and support one another
  • being a welcoming, warm and friendly school where everybody is valued